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Real, timely and only the best travel deals! 

Using the power of human intelligence, artificial intelligence and machine learning, we thrive to publish only the best and most valuable travel deals for our subscribers. We aim to do this in near real-time basis given that our very best deals generally last only for few hours. Our deal will make you travel!

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Our story

Let’s face it, we are a generation that travels more than any other! Thanks to the technology and globalization, The World is smaller than ever! Whether it’s for leisure or work, we end up being miles away from our homes week after week.

Obviously, all these travel plans require bookings for Flights, Hotels and so on! And we all know how rapidly airfare and Hotel prices can change. So much so, that one might have to pay 50-60% more for the exact same booking!

What if one could get the best booking price available for the desired destination? Wouldn’t that save you a lot of money for that long pending vacation!

That’s exactly what the team behind Travel Deal Tracker envisioned before starting this site.

Our primary aim is to save you money because we know by experience that a lot of money can be saved if travel is booked at the right time and the right price. Our deals enable you to book at a lower price than paid by most of the people.

All you need to do is visit our website frequently and see the deals, we publish multiple deals daily! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get deal alerts.